When I was in college, I went to the newspaper for nearly two years. At that time, I like to interview the entrepreneurs, restaurants, cram schools and clothing stores. In a word, I'm very interested in starting up from scratch WSET level 4.

I'm not curious about how much wealth they have and how much money they make. I just want to know how they got through that tough day.

The first person I interviewed was the founder of a computer training institution across from our school, miss li.

Like most entrepreneurs, he started his own profession. He majored in computer science at the University. He worked hard from Hubei to Guangzhou after graduation. He was keenly aware of the prospect of computer development and had the idea of starting a computer study class. A year later, he returned to his hometown to start his own business. That year, he was 26 years old. In the beginning, just opened a simple computer training business at home, relying on a dozen computers, counseling several students introduced to acquaintances. Before long, he was not satisfied and began looking for a venue to prepare for a larger training center.

That was his hardest moment. The first is the money, because it is the start empty-handed, no deep pockets, the teacher took the loan hong kong wine academy, this is a very risky thing at the time. If not, at any time may go bankrupt.

Ready, to recruit the first batch of students less than thirty people, he began to recite, hard work, busy even have no time to eat, often stay up preparing to three or four in the morning.

He told me that he is the most difficult ten years of entrepreneurial career in time, that road is hard going, and go very hard, sweat.

As a result of abnormal anxiety, originally already enough hard, he still insomnia, all night long sleep. Many times, his family couldn't see him, and advised him to let go. It was not difficult to teach in his school on his terms. Only he knew, once set foot on the road, then go back, or that is not allowed back.

With such determination, he struggled forward. Now, his training institutions is computer training center the largest city, with the largest scale, the whole building is his.

Until now, he felt that it was a climb from the bottom of the valley of the day, because it is uphill, so it is difficult to walk. It would never have climbed to the point, if it had not been for the road. It is also the persistence of the road that leads to the summit now.