I spent most of the year writing about what to drink, but today I'd like to talk more about alcohol.

I noticed that wine professionals were more casual when they were enjoying wine than regular drinkers. Drink a lot of people think every wine need to use a new clean glass, or for a specific wine is best tailored special glass that is mainly the wine maker marketing to shape up, and the professional wine when our actual practice.

In fact, we may be in the professional wine tasting throughout all use the same only by the degree of "pollution" is more and more serious wine glasses, will use it to taste dry white first, then the pink wine, then a red wine, finally the wine. We might - just might - after I tried some red wine will go to look for a new glass to taste the sweet white wine, but this is only for reasons of appearance, so that we more accurately determine the color of the wine. In fact, the taste of the first wine can be powerfully obscured by the new wine, so it's not really important to have a glass of wine.

Even for sensitive wine drinkers, the real risk of being tasted is the residue of detergent or heavy chlorinated water in the "clean" cup. Because of this, there is a common practice, especially in Italy, with wine to its "clean" the glass: put a small amount of wine into a glass, and then carefully tilting and turn the glass, make wine juice every inch of the position of the inner wall of glass, the glass to get more liquid baptism.

If it is at home to enjoy the wine, of course I won't bother, in most cases I will provide two kinds of glass for the guests, and simply use the two cup taste dry white first, and then the red wine. The size and shape of the two cups depends more on what cups I take than they are perfect for displaying the wine they want. This is because I always have an incorrigible curiosity about wine, and I usually know them by comparison. And if I had more cups and bigger tables, I would usually have the guests taste three wines at the same time. At the same time, because there are more than one wine, if all the cups are the same, the people who are drunk at the time of cheese will not be able to figure out which cup is which.

There is a problem with traditional fine-neck rewinder - cleaning is inconvenient, especially if it is left with red wine stains. My trick is to fill them with denture cleaning solvents that have no taste and are very effective.