Happiness is really one of the easiest and easiest things to do. If you can not understand, and no such feelings, can only prove that you do not feel happy, but it does not mean that you do not have the happiness of life. Happiness is an adjective used to describe people's spiritual feelings arising from conditioned reflection. It has no concrete essence, and can not even make a specific description of it, and analyze the conclusion. Therefore, happiness can never have a constant standard, and a certain effective generation model. You can only express what it feels like to be happy, but it's absolutely impossible to explain what happiness is new hk company setup.

Whether a person's life is often happy does not depend on what he calls his ability to control happiness and what he thinks are effective conditions. Happiness depends on individual cognitive ability and basic quality, depending on knowledge and intelligence quotient. Whether rich or poor, public officials, money money, not famous, everyone's life, can harvest happiness possibility is no difference, but the difference between whether you can wine course.

A man can feel happiness because of a grass, a match, a wisp of hair, a touch of fragrance, a breeze, or even a drop of rain. There are people sitting in money Duili can only cry, much is Jiacaiwanguan also made the fight at outrance, President of the people in prison also richest man off a lot. So, in addition to yourself, there is no one or effective way to make sure you are happy. Some may really help, such as: do not think about how to be happy, tangled in their own happiness, unhappy, do not guess at random, envy who, who is happier than you, do not pay attention to those shouting how to be happy. Then you'll be much happier hong kong serviced apartment harbour view.