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This time the market like a baby

Le 29 octobre 2017, 09:33 dans Humeurs 0

This time the market like a baby, simple and small. Every time you set the time for overcrowding, to stimulate the expansion of its size. It quickly to the surrounding expansion, restaurants, barbershop, wreaths shroud shop, electrical shop and so on like a blossoming mushroom-like night out of the ground.

The market to the village has brought a huge change, it is like a make-up artist, dressing people's demeanor style, but also to people's thinking point infected with a touch of fresh and bright colors.

Since the market, the villagers can often eat fish, pork and bananas. The girls bought the jeans from the market, dresses and shampoo, dressed beautifully. To the winter some young people put on a warm and chic down jacket, but also used the answering machine and tape to listen to pop songs ... ... in our living space, as if a world gate was quietly opened the market. We walked into the novel and lovely world, like into a dazzling, silver flashing treasure. The state of our existence and the pipe of life also change this.

Twenty years later, I grew up and have lived in the city for more than a decade. One day I returned to my hometown when the sunset has been sunset, purple purple sunset shine quietly away from the river, reflecting the river bank market.

The size of the market is getting bigger and bigger, a large and small shops on a long row of rows of rows, one can not see the head. This time the market like a young man, sound and rich. I thought twenty years ago, when it was very young, and when I was very young. Compared with the past, it almost became so that I could not recognize it; if it had the same memory and emotion as human beings, it could see my change.

I sat alone on the banks of the river, looking at the quiet and peaceful market, looking at the hometown of shade. I thought it used to be a marina, now a fair, many years later, it might become a city. In the years of circulation, it constantly transforms its role. And we, in the vast universe, have lost, sad and happy, unknowingly to the unknown future.

Seems to have been looking forward to

Le 18 octobre 2017, 03:36 dans Humeurs 0

Tonight, quiet, the trees have Air Purifier more wind in the past, in the dark in Yin spreads, light volume curtain rings gurgling sound of autumn. Such a night belongs to yearning, loneliness is like an endless cocoon of silk, tightly wrapped around the heart. If you don't come, I miss you so much that I want to see you with a dream. Want to use a text, a superficial poem, exchange my feelings, delivery to you. However, there was no Liqing Wan LAN, no sky Qiu Yan, how do you know I love you.

Out of the door, the four is all black, clear water to the lining of the stars. The wind knocks on the window, cold parasol leaves, leaf spring, fallen leaves, when the across the board. Once gathered much hope flourishing leaves and withering flowers, spring, summer is how warm, burning the whole journey of life, falling quietly, with the autumn chill, that I can't reach the light pick slow twist, even touched some desolate pathos, broken your mood. And you, belong to the dream, more belong to the distant place, belong to the spring flower ten thousand, how can this clear sorrow infect you?.

I want to hide in the dream and the dark night, over and over again to sing your favorite song, sad and not sad, if you want toServiced apartments listen, I sing a song, so that my tears filled the eye. If you are tired, I will have a cup of Qingchou drunk, drunk drunk again. Is this the whisper of my heart? I know a long time, so long, how much love unfulfilled, how much love without words. Worry about, worry, enough, even if the meteor across, the beauty of the moment, but also worth pondering.

On the inclined column, want to see the time sequence of events, after circling to miss first, or you also stand in you and I have met with the time in a hurry, look like water, flows through my soundless and stirless, such as Yan return. Tonight, the light is shining brightly with cloud alone, just lonely, leaves are appropriate to. I like a lone bird shelter of leafless branches, diffuse around the lonely, only the charm of the wind.

I am used to the boundless night, breathing the night breath, flying my mind. Countless feelings, tastes, such as the tide coming. The old alley, a walk, a look back, the umbrella, moving shadow, rosy red, green or dark mottled moss, the years. The shadow of the spring in the far away behind me, to feel the wind and go, say goodbye to me. Want to seize, and reluctantly put down. Is this the impermanence of life? Many of the stories increase and decrease, the original fuzzy legend.

How many nights, countless dreams, and you were also scattered, thoughts began to walk, think like the pain penetrates even into the marrow of suffering. In the dream wine education , can you hear my footsteps, is how to cross the mountain million in come to you. The reunion of the spring, there are many flowers, fragrant dust night rain, light was softly, I will stop when. I like a rabbit in your agile, Bush grass, flowers, open eyes, not dare to go to sleep, waiting for what.

Feel the happiness of harvest

Le 12 septembre 2017, 08:19 dans Humeurs 0

Happiness is really one of the easiest and easiest things to do. If you can not understand, and no such feelings, can only prove that you do not feel happy, but it does not mean that you do not have the happiness of life. Happiness is an adjective used to describe people's spiritual feelings arising from conditioned reflection. It has no concrete essence, and can not even make a specific description of it, and analyze the conclusion. Therefore, happiness can never have a constant standard, and a certain effective generation model. You can only express what it feels like to be happy, but it's absolutely impossible to explain what happiness is new hk company setup.

Whether a person's life is often happy does not depend on what he calls his ability to control happiness and what he thinks are effective conditions. Happiness depends on individual cognitive ability and basic quality, depending on knowledge and intelligence quotient. Whether rich or poor, public officials, money money, not famous, everyone's life, can harvest happiness possibility is no difference, but the difference between whether you can wine course.

A man can feel happiness because of a grass, a match, a wisp of hair, a touch of fragrance, a breeze, or even a drop of rain. There are people sitting in money Duili can only cry, much is Jiacaiwanguan also made the fight at outrance, President of the people in prison also richest man off a lot. So, in addition to yourself, there is no one or effective way to make sure you are happy. Some may really help, such as: do not think about how to be happy, tangled in their own happiness, unhappy, do not guess at random, envy who, who is happier than you, do not pay attention to those shouting how to be happy. Then you'll be much happier hong kong serviced apartment harbour view.

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