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Feel the happiness of harvest

Le 12 septembre 2017, 08:19 dans Humeurs 0

Happiness is really one of the easiest and easiest things to do. If you can not understand, and no such feelings, can only prove that you do not feel happy, but it does not mean that you do not have the happiness of life. Happiness is an adjective used to describe people's spiritual feelings arising from conditioned reflection. It has no concrete essence, and can not even make a specific description of it, and analyze the conclusion. Therefore, happiness can never have a constant standard, and a certain effective generation model. You can only express what it feels like to be happy, but it's absolutely impossible to explain what happiness is.

Whether a person's life is often happy does not depend on what he calls his ability to control happiness and what he thinks are effective conditions. Happiness depends on individual cognitive ability and basic quality, depending on knowledge and intelligence quotient. Whether rich or poor, public officials, money money, not famous, everyone's life, can harvest happiness possibility is no difference, but the difference between whether you can.

A man can feel happiness because of a grass, a match, a wisp of hair, a touch of fragrance, a breeze, or even a drop of rain. There are people sitting in money Duili can only cry, much is Jiacaiwanguan also made the fight at outrance, President of the people in prison also richest man off a lot. So, in addition to yourself, there is no one or effective way to make sure you are happy. Some may really help, such as: do not think about how to be happy, tangled in their own happiness, unhappy, do not guess at random, envy who, who is happier than you, do not pay attention to those shouting how to be happy. Then you'll be much happier.

Sit quietly on the grass

Le 6 septembre 2017, 04:06 dans Humeurs 0

Savoring the scent of the earth; the clouds hung in the sky, slowly drifting in the air; the sun, shining on her body, combing the period of leisure time. Warm grass, with the pride of the sun, dancing in the wind, eyes flashing, slightly floating in the ground, flowing into the heart, slowly flowing in the bottom of my heart. The grass is frivolous, and those who smile, with winds of light, dim with red in the easy days, flash. At this moment, like a moment of joy, from the heart across, like two lines interlaced, never again, but left a faint sadness apartments for rent Hong Kong.

I don't want to be a grass, but also do not want to become a grass, not because of its name has not shown, not because of its short and pithy; not because no flowers, not because it will not be sweet; not because it is not normal, because it is always full of confusion. It is because it is always at the mercy of the wind that it never wants to go its own way; it is because it lowers its head in the rain and lets it rain on its body. When small raindrops, grass will appear rickety, pride and no sorrow; when a lot of rain, it will appear on the gentle creeping foreign companies in hong kong.

With the days of white notes, records of all the past, those memories inside, you can see the lingering grass, you can see the grass attachment. Like a children cry piteously for food, close to the earth, on the breeze, against the sun, never dare not independent. I never dare not have fear, what fault; yes, never dare not have what just show their commitment; gentle, sleepwalk with spring and autumn. Time flows, years call, but always can see the grass supple, just like floating clouds. This is a quiet, leisurely or grass 通渠公司?

The open petals, with the warmth of the east wind, fall from the trees and sit on the grass. The grass has no words, but silently receives the petals. Will not protest, will not throw aside, but silence, accept, from the tree flying all, forming a world of its own. This is a leisurely? Or for its own sake? Waiting for this, never moving, even if there is a rainbow in the sky, even if the future may sometimes bloom, you can open the veil of the years, it is still calm, keep this peace. As if out of all the desires of heaven and earth, let time flow.

When the east wind has come, the grass will feel that they have; but not easily from the ground Zhuo head, quietly watching the swallows return, look at peach blossom. When the river started babbling singing, Dongfeng inside floating flowers, grass only pretend to wake up from hibernation, from the ground slowly, tentatively drill out, get carried away, began its elegant, revealed its joy; the wind dancing body, want to get the fine rain, let oneself quickly growth, showing beautiful and flamboyant; but fear is the big raindrop, make it lost not hide, trembling, with a sad look.

When cool, the grass became sad, yellow, changed gradually wither, become broken. The snow has not come to joy, the grass has no color, no longer vibrant. Beautiful grass, this time is not any pride, just give in the snow at the foot, dare not have any idea, nor may it show the refuse to be cowed or submit will not insist that their beauty is like a dream; Epiphyllum, rising many dim. This time the grass, without any smile; just want to show understatement, try to let others forget what happened to him. This is the grass, I do not want to become a grass.

How many glasses should everyone have

Le 20 juillet 2017, 09:50 dans Humeurs 0

I spent most of the year writing about what to drink, but today I'd like to talk more about alcohol.

I noticed that wine professionals were more casual when they were enjoying wine than regular drinkers. Drink a lot of people think every wine need to use a new clean glass, or for a specific wine is best tailored special glass that is mainly the wine maker marketing to shape up, and the professional wine when our actual practice.

In fact, we may be in the professional wine tasting throughout all use the same only by the degree of "pollution" is more and more serious wine glasses, will use it to taste dry white first, then the pink wine, then a red wine, finally the wine. We might - just might - after I tried some red wine will go to look for a new glass to taste the sweet white wine, but this is only for reasons of appearance, so that we more accurately determine the color of the wine. In fact, the taste of the first wine can be powerfully obscured by the new wine, so it's not really important to have a glass of wine.

Even for sensitive wine drinkers, the real risk of being tasted is the residue of detergent or heavy chlorinated water in the "clean" cup. Because of this, there is a common practice, especially in Italy, with wine to its "clean" the glass: put a small amount of wine into a glass, and then carefully tilting and turn the glass, make wine juice every inch of the position of the inner wall of glass, the glass to get more liquid baptism.

If it is at home to enjoy the wine, of course I won't bother, in most cases I will provide two kinds of glass for the guests, and simply use the two cup taste dry white first, and then the red wine. The size and shape of the two cups depends more on what cups I take than they are perfect for displaying the wine they want. This is because I always have an incorrigible curiosity about wine, and I usually know them by comparison. And if I had more cups and bigger tables, I would usually have the guests taste three wines at the same time. At the same time, because there are more than one wine, if all the cups are the same, the people who are drunk at the time of cheese will not be able to figure out which cup is which.

There is a problem with traditional fine-neck rewinder - cleaning is inconvenient, especially if it is left with red wine stains. My trick is to fill them with denture cleaning solvents that have no taste and are very effective.

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